Trends In Countertops

6 Trends in Kitchen Countertop Design
By Guest Blogger Mandy Lee

A countertop can make or break your entire kitchen design. As they set the overall tone and feel of your space, it is essential that you spend time deciding which type of countertop will be perfect for your home. Listed below are six trends in kitchen countertop design which  may help you choose a unique, eye-catching option for your own home. 

1. Epoxy

Epoxy is more of a refinishing product than a surface. It’s important to note that you cannot go out and purchase slabs of epoxy for your kitchen. For this reason, Epoxy is a fantastic option if you are trying to spruce up already-existing countertops. It is a versatile material that is easy to transport and can be applied over most countertop materials to improve durability and resist scratches. Epoxy is an excellent option if you want the look of high-end stone without the costs. It is easily one of the best sealers for concrete countertops, as well. DIY epoxy kits are always an option, but it is a wise idea to hire a professional and get the job done right for that beautifully clean and glossy finish.

2.  Eco-Friendly Countertops

One new trend in the market is the pursuit of eco-friendly countertops. As a result, a number of manufacturers have begun creating countertops that are crafted from recycled materials. Whether this means incorporating recycled glass, paper, or even fly ash, these countertops are an easy way to give back to the environment. In today’s world, a number of homeowners have turned to this trend as a way to add a unique, eco-friendly design element to their home. 

3. Waterfall Edge Quartz Countertops

Quarts has consistently topped the list for some of the most-attractive countertops on the market. Recently, they have emerged as a member of one of the top trends. Waterfall countertops are a unique design of countertops which make a 90 degree angle at the end of the top and descend to the floor. Any number of natural stones can be used for waterfall countertops, but quartz has remained one of the top choices because it is durable and eye-catching. With their luxurious feel, waterfall edge countertops have turned into one of the design highlights for new kitchens. 

4. Solid Surface Tops

A solid surface kitchen top is one of the top alternatives to a natural stone surface as they can be crafted and designed to your exact specifications. Most solid surface tops pair well with any color of kitchen cabinets, and you can even rely on them to add a splash of contrast into your kitchen. Solid surface tops are also some of the most durable countertops in the business. 

5. Concrete Countertops

One of the hottest trends are concrete countertops. As they can be custom cast in any shape, concrete countertops have become a game-changer in the kitchen design world. Plus, they can be embellished and customized for the exact specifications of any home-owner. Each countertop is a one-of-a-kind design that will attract attention. 

6. Wooden Countertops

As they add a timeless feeling to any kitchen, wooden countertops and butcher block tops have steadily grown in their prominence. As they are extremely easy to maintain and repair, more and more homeowners have turned to wooden kitchen countertops as their first choice.  They can be stained and colored into any number of deep, elegant colors that accentuate the wooden highlights. Plus, they are unique and eye-catching. With a blend of durability and beauty, wooden countertops maintain a universal appeal which makes them one of the top additions to any home. 

Overall, you should never settle when you are choosing your countertop. Spend time researching which one will be perfect for your home and then choose a design and style that will pop. With a little bit of thought, you can uncover the perfect countertop for your kitchen that will elevate your entire design. 
Mandy Lee is a contributor to Innovative Green Building Materials. She is a blogger and a content writer for the building materials industry. Mandy is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that increase property value, maximize energy savings, and turn houses into homes.

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